Curious Habits: Packing for Adventure

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According to some people, I have some slightly odd packing habits. I am now curious about the pre-adventure routines and habits of other people.

Here are mine for your scrutiny:

  1. I clean my home top to bottom before leaving and change my bedding too because it makes things nicer to come back to.
  2. I let my bank know that I am going away and let them know my destination and arrival/departure dates because they have a habit of putting my accounts on lock-down when I try I access them abroad.
  3. I put my clothes and shoes in Ziploc bags "just in case".  It also helps to lessen creasing and mess.
  4. I like to pack spare underwear in my hand luggage "just in case". You never know if your flight will be delayed and you cannot always access your checked in luggage after it's been handed over!
  5. I pack a Ziploc bag for my seat within my hand luggage so I have everything I need in front of me and don't have to annoy people by constantly moving around. 
  6. I take eye/face sheet masks on board with me in case I have to sit beside a particularly talkative passenger.
  7. I always pack a pen in my hand luggage for landing cards. Flight attendants never seem to have enough pens.
  8. I never wear perfume on flights because scent is such a personal thing. It's ghastly having to sit next to someone with an over-powering fragrance on long flights. Pre-flight showers and deodorant on the other hand are a must!
  9. I always pack a pile of small lightweight hand towels or face cloths. I do this in London anyway because there never seem to be enough disposable ones in public bathrooms.
  10. I take a printed copy of travel, accommodation, transit etc confirmations "just in case". Not eco friendly but internet access is not always easily available.
  11. I sort out my foreign currency needs at Thomas Exchange because I haven't found a place that offers better rates in London.
  12. I always take a photocopy of my passport again.....'Just in case".
  13. I leave a set of house keys with someone I trust ....."Just in case".
What's on your list?? I would love to know!
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My New Light Friend

 photo MagliteWorshipBlues.jpg

My new torch arrived! 

I am 'appy as Larry with my handsome little camouflage Mini Maglite.

 photo IMG_7858.jpg

Maglite is an iconic brand of flashlights hailing from USA introduced in 1979. The flashlights are constructed of anodised aluminium for maximum corrosion resistance and durability and have a high intensity adjustable focus beam.

The Mini Maglite weighs in at 108grams and is about 15cm long so it has a good solid feel to it, and is reassuringly weighty and bloomin' brilliant for travelling and camping. 

 photo IMG_3504.jpg

 photo IMG_3506.jpg

The adjustable beam also makes my Mini Maglite super fun for messing about with and making funky light/dark/shadow curiosities!


Ensure that you use good branded batteries and make sure that you remove them from your Maglite if you won't be using it for a while. You don't want the cells to leak and mess up your torch. Trust me it is near impossible to clean up and make your torch work again. However if this does happen. DO NOT abandon your torch in the bin. Keep the whole torch as it is and send it to the battery company and they SHOULD replace your torch. 

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3 Things: Pearl

Pearlescent liquid highlighters are staples in my skincare and makeup during the winter months (I tend to opt for golden hues during the summer). I use them in one of three ways:
  1. I mix them into my moisturiser for a subtle glow or;
  2. I mix them into my foundation or BB cream for a more polished glow or;
  3. I apply little dots on top of my base makeup and blend it in to my cheekbones for luminous definition.
 photo pearl.jpg

My favourite highlighter of all time has to be Rouge Bunny Rouge's Sea of Tranquility reviewed previously HERE. However, I have found some more reasonable alternatives that work really well and I've been happy to use over the past months.

Presented in a darling little glass bottle with a brush integrated within the lid, Shiseido's Majolica Majorca Shiny Highlight is the cutest of the trio. This is a very light gel cream enhanced with Vitamin E and Macadamia nut.

NARS Copacabana Illuminator is the most pragmatically packed of the three as it comes in a clear squeezey tube. 

Soap & Glory's Hocus Focus sits somewhere between the other 2 highlighters in terms of consistency and has truer pearl like opalescence to it. 

 photo IMG_7655.jpg

From left to right: Majolica Majorca Shiny Highlight, NARS Copacabana Illuminator and Soap & Glory's Hocus Focus.

Majolica Majorca is the most liquid and most subtle of the three though it does contain very fine shimmer particles. NARS' Copacabana is a little more golden and has a more creamier consistency and more dimension than the other 2 and revealing colour differently depending on the light. Soap & Glory's Hocus Focus is pearly and only slightly pink. It is the most easiest to use of the three, easy to blend and mix in with foundation or moisturiser. 

All three impart a dewy glow and radiance of their own and I will flit between the three depending on the look I am hoping to achieve. 

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Ela's Gözleme

According to Wikipedia, Gözleme are tradional Turkish pastries made of hand-rolled dough filled with a variety of options that are then sealed and cooked over a griddle.

 photo IMG_3546.jpg

According to me, these are mighty tasty stuffed yummy things made by a trio of lovely resilient ladies on Ridley Rd Market.

 photo IMG_3547.jpg

I opted for the spinach and cheese Gözleme for the handsome price of £2.00, very reasonable because they are filling, BIG in size and in savoury tastiness and lovely to bite into on a frosty day. Lucky for me I live close enough to the market to be able to eat them (whilst till warm) at home.

 photo IMG_3548.jpg

I am sure that these are probably quite simple to make. However, whatever I might be able to make in my kitchen will lack the soul and years of learned experience of the Gözleme made in Ela's little outdoor kitchen.

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3 Things : BLACK

Three things were prominent in my day to day goings on last week.

 photo IMG_7641.jpg

1. Hello Kitty Makeup Palette from Sephora's Noir Collection 2011. This was a gift from Justine from Sakura Lovely Blog. This has cheered me up all week.

2. Montegrappa black ink. I love bottled ink and this luxury ink from one of the world's most renowned pen makers is a joy to use.

3. Kyoto Incense fragrance from Comme des Garcons. This is actually Hiro's and I like using it because smelling like a Japanese temple makes me happy.

Links |Comme des Garcons| Montegrappa | Sakura Lovely |

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