Elevated Sleep

Sleep is a beautiful thing and this is captured and interpreted most magically by French born artist Maia Flore.
 photo MaiaFlore2.jpg
 photo MaiaFlore1.jpg

And on this dreamy drowsy note, I wish you all a restful weekend.

Link: | Maia Flore |


  1. These are beautiful...I'd love to be asleep dreaming just now...my youngest woke us up far too early. Have a gorgeous weekend x

  2. Wah~ All of these pictures have their own charm, but I particularly love the dandelion one! And the outfit and setting of the third picture, oh goodness~~ Thank you for posting such pleasant and inspiring eye spy! :3

  3. These are other-worldly, really interesting find there. Take care this w/e my friend.

    Buckets & Spades


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