5 Places

My wanderlust and adventure addiction is no secret. Ever since I was a child the longing to get over the horizon has been stirring my soul and bit by bit, with a lot of hard work, sacrifice and a little bit of luck along the way I have got to see some wonderful places. I try to visit each place I land in with an open heart and mind and really live in the moment and drink up every experience that falls in my path because everything feels so precious. I am always grateful that I have the will and find the means and opportunities to see far off places and never take this for granted. At the same time, I must admit that I still have a list (an ever growing one) of places that I long to see with my own eyes.

In no particular order, here are 5 that spring to mind:

Aoiike, Hokkaido, Japan.
 photo blue-pond-hokkaido-1-656x435.jpg
Kolmanskop, Namibia.
 photo ghost-town-kolmanskop-namibia-adandoned-house-filled-with-sand.jpg
 photo Chernobyl-Today-A-Creepy-Story-told-in-Pictures-buildings1.jpg

Yakushima, Japan
 photo Yakushima-Island.jpg
Baobab Avenue,Menabe, Madagascar.
 photo baobab_tree_3_by_cgh302171.jpg



  1. What's happening in Aoiike? The colours look out of this world. Will have to do a bit of research.

    If you like really life adventures to weird and wonderful places ( just like Chernoble ) you should read Dom Joly's Dark Tourist.
    Buckets & Spades

  2. I want to go to all these places and explore, what an adventure!! The first one is so striking...amazing places in the world :)) x

  3. The pictures you have chosen to show are so beautiful that it makes me want to see those places too. I hope that you achieve being able to go to each of those places some day.


  4. These places are out-of-worldly. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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