Repurpose + Reuse

I think that my penchant for a pretty piece of packaging is well documented on this blog and though, at times, even I have to admit that  my obsession may seem superficial, materialistic and purely aesthetic, I can honestly say that I make the most use possible of these boxes that I collect.

Boxes are very useful things to have! I am particularly drawn to items that come in well constructed, smart and good quality boxes. 

Here is a selection of some that come into use daily and are perfect for storing a variety of articles that I use in my makery.

 photo WHBboxes2.jpg

Teacup boxes are particularly handy as they are roomy and extremely robust.

 photo IMG_55002.jpg

I use mine to store my ever increasing selection of trimmings and haberdashery.

 photo IMG_55052.jpg

Macaron boxes are perfect temporary accomodation for my little macaron purses until they are ready to go off to their new homes.

 photo IMG_55172.jpg

Many of my boxes have been with me for years. This Penhaligons candle box is still going strong after over 3 years of daily demands. It houses a selection of metal parts that I use in sewing and has taken a lot of knocks and tumbles.

 photo IMG_5512.jpg

On a slight tangent, I reuse thread spools to hold lengths of ribbon and lace and prevent them from getting in a tangle.

 photo WHBboxes1.jpg

Finding a new purpose for things that many may discard is a little joy of mine. I think such storage solutions are far nicer to look at than ubiquitous plastic boxes. I hope you agree?


  1. I Love it!! Reusing the boxes is such a brilliant idea and it also looks lovely!

    BTW ooh ooh! I see a little purrty macaron purse...please tell me the one in the middle is not taken?...I would LOVE to get my hands on it! please LMK ^_^


    1. Hello Dawn! All these have been sold but I am making a few more next week :)

  2. I have a square Wedgwood box (wedding gift of a cake stand) which I now use for my collection of vintage bead necklaces. Another tall columnar (is that a word?) Penhaligon's box is used as a sewing box.


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