Preferred Pencils

Once a year, around this time, I have to restock on pencils. This year my graphite craving was instantly satisfied by this box of 12 pencils by Tombow.

Beautiful to look at with its vintage inspired packaging but also rich in heritage so it is ticking all the boxes for me.

Tombow begun life as "Harunosuke", named after the founder and established itself as a pencil manufacturer in Taisho era Japan (1913). Since then, Tombow has become internationally renowned for producing artist and writing instruments of quality. For me though, Tombow will always be synonymous with good pencils and erasers.

My set of pencils is a special edition reproduction of the 1928 Tombow Drawing Pencil which is the root of the much loved Tombow 100 regarded by many to be the one of the bets pencils ever made.

The packaging is stunning with it's nostalgic evocation of the dawn of Japan's Showa era.

The pencil  has a dark lead that imparts a lovely contrast when used and has a great balance to allow for seamless nuances when  shading, not too soft of too hard. 

I keep my pencils in a wrap case that I made myself using Japanese fabric on the outside and lined with organic medium weight cotton. The case does up with a micro-suede cord rather than leather so it is washable.

These are available in my shop: |Stranger London|

The pencils are available in UK from:
|Cult Pens| and |Choosing Keeping|.


  1. I love pencils & these boxes are so cool, I'd keep them forever on display!! Some people think a pencil is a pencil, but it has to write a certain way for me or I just grab a pen or something else. Gorgeous pencil cases...so stunning x

  2. The detail of the box is incredible, never seen anything so good looking in the pencil packaging department in my life. Really lovely. available in UK?

  3. They're simply gorgeous!
    I find it interesting that they kept the Japanese as it is, and didn't translate it to dragonfly. If I was in any way artistically inclined, I'd buy these!

  4. I bought my husband a tombow fountain pens years a go and it's the best pen he's ever used,beautiful writing


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