Much Ado About Afternoon Treats

Afternoon treats lift my long hours of solitary working especially during clipped days of the chillier seasons. Though I prefer salt to sugar, the occasional sugar rush is just the ticket to add some oomph to a case of the "afternoon lulls". Lately I have indulged in some French fancies and strawberry tofu pudding.

 photo WHBfrenchfancies.jpg

 photo WHBtofu.jpg

I over did the whisking of the tofu pudding. The bubbles were plentiful and very stubborn!

I mentioned that I prefer savoury to sweet and my usual afternoon snack come in the form of a crumpet with Marmite.

Afternoon treats are incomplete without tea! 

I am trying to avoid caffeine after I (much to my own stupidity) ingested too much and ended up with a mighty scary bout of palpitations the other day! Hence the reason why I opted for a caffeine free skincare friendly Dr Stuart's blend.

 photo IMG_9433.jpg

Dr Stuart's Skin Purify tea is herbal concoction that includes, nettle leaves, dandelion root, chamomile, lemon balm and peel, red clover and burdock root which are all said to cleanse and boost the skin from within.

 photo IMG_9446.jpg

Whilst this is a very soothing cuppa, I cannot claim that I have noticed anything different with my skin. I do like the packaging though!

Dr Stuarts Royal Albert |


  1. Ooh, that crumpet looks so enticing! The little holes ready to be filled with melted butter (or marmite in your case). I'll try it with marmite next time.

    P.S. Do you make your own tofu pudding?

    1. Hello Claire. I LOVE MARMITE :) I do indeed, though next time I shall try not to be so whisk happy!

  2. I do love tea & a sweet treat, especially during the w-e when I can relax and enjoy some time off...I didn't know the Dr. Stuart's teas: I tried the Pukka Cleanse and I didn't notice any improvements in my skin...on the other hand, I love their Detox infusion! Take care, Caterina

    1. I suspect that beauty teas dont really work. Maybe I should try washing my face in it? ahahaha


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