My Crooked Shadow

As peculiar as this may sound, I am quite fascinated with my own shadow though vanity is not my motive. I have, since childhood, convinced myself that my shadow is an ill fit of me. She tends to warp and fizzle in a manner which I certainly don't.

In our cave room in Matera, Hiro caught her impersonating a corseted Victorian lady......absolutely nothing like me. Such absurd behaviour!

I am not sure if an old bird like me ought to be flashing abdominal flesh. However, such frivolity is always more acceptable when on holiday. I paired the black cropped top with a high-waisted pleated skirt and a pair of gold sandals,practicality for toddling over ancient cobbles.

"the mind is lost when the shadow dies.” Harurki Murakami from Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of The World


  1. This is my favourite outfit that you are wearing!
    Wow that shadow is creepy!

  2. Funnily enough, I too have an obsession with my shadow, however mine likes to try and trip me up in the street while giving off the impression to others that I'm the type of woman who should ride broomsticks and be burned at the stake.

    And for the record, flash as much abdominal flesh as you please. We're never too old and besides, once we hit a certain age we've earned the right to do as we damn well please.

    Hmmm, perhaps my shadow might be right about me...

  3. The shadow that defies its object! What a vision..

  4. Great look - long sleeves totally balances. I was having the same flashing flesh conversation last week and consensus was one instinctively knows when they've crossed the mutton line - internal muttonometer starts pinging. You can totally rock it.

  5. What's she playing at, all in the wrong shape and decade! You look extremely elegant in these images.


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