Cosmic Print Lady + The Leopard Ladurée Box

On a day that I ventured out in a convivial cosmic print top (a gift from my sister), I was given a leopard print box brimming with macarons.

It is lovely to see that Ladurée can do sexy as well as pretty and their latest box has made a fabulous to my collection of macaron boxes.

The box was filled with a few of my constant favourites (orange blossom and salted caramel) as well as some new delectables to savour. The curiously marvellous grey shaded "Pink Pepper" was my favourite this time. A flash of peppery warmth before it simmers down into a delicious sweetness. "Yuzu Ginger" was a delight as was the refreshing "Strawberry Mint.

Perhaps I should assemble my box collection to show you? Yes! I think I might!


  1. Ahhh. Adore this image of You. The Laudree fancies pale in comparison.

  2. Yes you should. One day I dream I'm going to get to try out a Laduree macaron. Orange blossom sounds amazing!

  3. blimey that is some "sexy" case for the maccos!

  4. That boxis fantastic! Is it sad that I saw it and then thought it would make a fabuous travel case for my ETK eye shadows? Haha.

  5. Yes, looking forward for the boxes!


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