Amid the Arches

London has so many railway arches, some left neglected and redundant, others harbour small businesses. And some....hold secrets.

I have a habit of peering through cracks in doors. More often than not I am disappointed, on occasion I am delighted by an unexpected scene. 

I like walking along the arches beneath railways. I like the way that they are never glamourous and nearly always noisy.

I made this necklace, it is a gesture to the arrival of autumn. Rose gold and gold plate combine to evoke colours of turning nature.

|Gestures of Autumn Necklace

As for the rest of my outfit, the scarf is silk and from Liberty, the trousers from ASOS and the fine knit jumper (which actually buttons up at the back) is from COS.


  1. You look great. I like spots like this...left abandoned...you can always find something interesting or sometimes just junk. But, the excitement of looking is enough. Those big rope spools in the top picture, my mum used to go to factories and ask to have them & I would use them as table and chairs (the smaller ones) outside with my friends and dolls :) They're really great. xx

    1. Thank you my dear! I am glad that you feel the same about these places. Not everyone shares our enjoyment of them x


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