The Accidents of Youth

Whilst stumbling through Openlibrary.org, I happened across what I cannot fail to describe as a true gem of curiosity and wonderment and I am most pleased to submit this to my Oddities file.

Published in 1819 in London, this rather thoughtful and really quite hilarious compendium of case studies and warnings of the many perilous dangers that the youths of the time needed to be made aware of.

Available to read at your leisure and in its entirety here: http://archive.org/stream/accidentsofyouth00londiala#page/n5/mode/2up


  1. that's nuts, those trees are dangerous is has to be said!

  2. What an amazing find! I know what I'm doing later :)

  3. What a wonderful find!! I read the first few pages and it tickles me immensely! ToddlerLorp should probably read this, for sure, to "improve his moral" but more likely to make my life easier :-)


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