Sundried Tomato Egg Mayo

Slathered onto fresh bread, crackers or atop a salad with lots of cress, egg mayo makes me happy!

I am certain that everyone that likes egg mayo has their own way of making it. For me, I like to make mine with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, lots of pepper and the mayo has to be Kewpie.

I like to vary the mix with watercress, spring onions, alfafa sprouts etc. On this occassion I fancied a bit of smoked salmon and some capers.


  1. I'm planning on having egg mayo sarnie for for my dinner today actually, i don't eat salmon but it's all good.

  2. Aaaaah I LOVE LOVE LOVE egg mayo! With smoked salmon, or on bread, or in a wrap, or on a cracker... Mine is made with mayo (Or Kewpie, depends what we have in the fridge) and black pepper. I should it try it with copped sun-dried tomatoes like you :)

  3. No longer will I look at egg mayo in the same way. This looks so yummy its making me hungy!

  4. What is in Kewpie that makes it taste so unique? I love Kewpie and I'm not even Japanese! I put it on my salads or anything that calls for mayo. Too bad it goes bad so soon (only a month after opening) I must find more ways to use it then :-\

  5. Definitely Kewpie! I've never tried it with sun dried tomatoes but it looks good.


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