Floral Fawning

Once upon a this lifetime, I used to dislike floral anything. However, I have now grown rather fond of floral prints and now find myself harbouring a predilection for Victorian watercolour botanical prints.

It is this new found liking that led me to fawn over Diptyque's L'erbier d'été paraphernalia with such yearning that the kind sales assistant gave me a pack of postcards and a sachet of lemon verbena seeds. I gratefully accepted the exquisite ephemera  and needless to say, I came away in high spirits.

The above package is a neatly folded poster that houses a set of postcards each one a pretty  pictorial  reference to one of Diptyque's summer home fragrances. 

They are delightful items to have and keep and they also work well as elegant backgrounds for the product photos for my shop.


  1. Im not a fan of anything floral highstreet wise but this Victorian style floral is my fave I love it so much! I've been pressing flowers too :)

  2. These are so pretty, you take the most beautiful photos x

  3. these are beautiful, they remind me of work by the artist Christine Borland http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O117000/the-history-of-plants-according-print-borland-christine/

  4. How pretty! There's just some undeniable beauty about floral/botanic (and for me, scenic) watercolor.. maybe watercolor in general. A new skill I need to pick up, perhaps :) or you, since you're so multitalented!


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