Blessings From INI

Leather, good leather, only looks better with with age and so I have great hopes for my designated safari belt.

This belt was made for me by our dear friend the shoemaker and designer INI in his atelier in downtown Tokyo.

I love my belt. It is minimal yet robust and heartfully made to see me through many an adventure. A real thing of beauty.

INI is of course all about shoes. Wonderfully made, rebellious shoes. 

From Beauty

INI shoes has been receiving a lot of well deserved attention lately and I am immensely proud and happy to report that ELLE Japan have picked up on the good vibes of INI and now stock his shoes in their online shop! (click on the images below to enter the relevant pages)

INI shoes is also on Instagram so make sure you follow for a wondrously curious experience!


  1. WOW, I remember you posting about INI the first time around and being suitably impressed. Congratulations to him and his success, the collection looks beautiful!

  2. That's great to see you're own pal doing so well and getting publicity like that. I agree, I've been wearing the same belt every day for about 3 years now, a leather levi's one I picked up for about £10.

  3. INI's creations are so beautiful and the fact that they are hand-made with such a passion make them ever more special. Your belt is such a great piece! I@m sure you are going to wear it a lot and for a very long time...Take care! Caterina


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