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I like cemeteries, and I often seek them out when on adventures. On my trip to Barcelona (earlier this year), we came across the Cementiri de Montjuic upon its hilltop perch and we stood astounded by this necropolis that is beautiful, strange and very unique all the same time.

Montjuic Cemetery houses earth graves alongside magnificent mausoleums and ornate family vaults. However, what caught my attention was the sepulchral niches that seem to me like apartments for the departed and up to 8 graves can be found atop each other.

57 acres house 152,000 dead in a silent city of modernist, neo-gothic architecture and sculpture making this a place of beautiful funerary art. Here the religious, the profane and the contemplative resonate human ambition, aspiration and emotion in stone.


  1. Wow, it sounds so surreal & beautiful at the same time. Is this cemetery still being used? When I was in Paris, I love spending time at cemeteries. They are so peaceful and full of reminders of life.

  2. This is a truly unusual and unique place, never quite seen anything like it.

  3. Wow - I've never seen anything like that before. Thanks for posting about it.


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