Sun Smooch

Natural lip balms are my choice for a smooth smooch as I  have a suspicion that all the synthetic ingredients can ultimately be quite drying.....Hence the constant feeling of needing to reapply frequently.

That said,  my lips suffer in the sun so the Kiss Me Moist Lips UV with SPF15++ has become a handbag essential lately.

Tinted with a sheer cherry red hue and boosted with hyaluronic acid, this has replaced lipstick over the past few weeks mainly because I can get a nice little pop of colour without using a mirror.

This is a really good quality lip balm that provides a glossy finish that leaves my lips smooth, moisturised and it even fills in lip lines so they look a little plumper. I paid about £2.00 for this in Japan so I think I have got a good deal here.

I have spotted these on Adam Beauty so if you would like to try it out, you can find them HERE.


  1. hello
    always enjoy you blog post.
    I have a question to ask about adam beauty's delivery,
    how long usually for you take to receive your order? ( I live in uk )
    do you pay tax for your parcel to the post office?
    thanks in advance

  2. Hello! Thanks for reading :)
    It have never taken more than 10 days for anything I have ordered from Adam Beauty to arrive to London. The postage costs are so low $2.00 so I avoid getting taxed by keeping my orders below £25.00.


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