Strolling in Dead Space

I can never tire of long walks through the sinuous back streets of urban London. Our recent stroll took us along neglected waterways, colossal housing estates and plenty of dead space. Perhaps unappealing to many, yet very pleasing to us because of it's humanness, the way in which we collude with our surroundings is ceaselessly fascinating to us.

My outfit consists of many things handmade and many things thrifted. The shirt is a vintage Liberty and Cacharel find. The Skirt is also second hand. The bag I made myself as I did the necklace. The shoes I bought in Oasis.

| Necklace available here |


  1. You are always impeccably dressed! I love urban exploration. xxx

  2. That's such a great photo of you, framed so well. there's just so much space in London, not open but still within stuff. I haven't lived there long enough to say really but surely you could go somewhere different everyday or even the same place and see something new?

    The fella on the tric is slightly disturbing

  3. If none of your endeavor is fruitful (which I'm sure is not the case), you should run a tour of "the dead" in London or other cities. I'll be the first one to sign up!

  4. That shirt & necklace is such a beautiful combination


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