Kimchee + Squid Spaghetti

I think pasta is the perfect playground for east meets west dishes. After all this is something that we have in common, sort of - spaghetti is not that far away from noodles!

Hiro and I love trying out different Japasta (Japanese Pasta) dishes but for a change we tried a K-pasta sort of thing. Here we have squid and kimchee spaghetti.

While the pasta was cooking, Hiro marinated the squid in sake for a a few minutes then fried it adding some soy and garlic. He then added the kimchee and some spring onions and mixed it into the freshly cooked spaghetti. He always saves a cupful of the pasta water before draining it all away. Adding a bit of this water into the sauce and pasta helps create a more rounded flavour so the pasta and sauce sit happier together.


  1. Sluuurrrp!! Am I allow to slurp like eating ramen with Japasta? My fave Japasta is enoki + butter. Hiro should write a cooking blog (or maybe a cookbook!)

  2. See this makes me drooool!! May I ask what's the difference between Japasta and the typical western pasta (say Carbonara)?

  3. Agree with Claire, you should start a cooking blog :D with more recipes!


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