A Magical Blush Wand

I don't know about you but I love the idea of a magical wand with which you may tap your cheeks and.....TA-DA....a perfect application of blush blossoms!

Regretfully, no such thing exists! However, those fab people at Rouge Bunny Rouge have worked their special brand on magic to bring us their Blush Wand for Cheeks in Bloom.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand in Vemeer.

Vemeer is sheer medium toned rose pink. The chubby stubby little blush stick is creamy and soft in texture which makes it a joy to apply. Even more pleasing is the lasting power, Vemeer stays put all day without oxidising providing a light flush of natural looking colour (perfect for that healthy look). The blush is build-able so a more obvious pop of colour is achievable.

Curiously fragranced with the sweet scent of fairycake icing which I would rather go without, but I suppose it is better than smelling of drains or something like that.

Rouge Bunny Rouge's Blush Wand is available in 4 different shades each created with a blend of natural oils and powders that intend to keep the skin moisturised.

I really like this blush. I have been using it through the cold and warm weather and never fail to be pleased with the results.

\\ This item was sent to me to try for review purposes \\


  1. I have this, in that exact shade. its very difficult to get hold of RBR over here though :(

  2. Oooooo it looks quite lovely - I'm trying the Laura Mercier one right now its beautiful

  3. This looks lovely - the packaging itself is adorable.


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