Sweet Stationery

I was the fortunate recipient of some really pretty stationery items from Japan today. A cherish-able assortment of stickers, mini envelopes and tags that I cannot wait to unleash on unsuspecting shoppers at my little shop! Watch out for Fushigi's Fukubukuro 


2 Envelopes and another sticker


After uploading this blog post, I have had a lot of requests from people wishing to purchase some of the crafty items. I have decided to put together a few mini Fushigi Shop Fukubukuro for those who are interested!


  1. Aw such cute items! Enjoy them all darling xx

  2. Nice to have have a look of some of the pretty Japanese stationery items. I am also a stationery lover and happy to see some of the different tickers, mini envelopes and tags over here.

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