In Search of a Quieter London

London is spoilt for choice with art galleries. Aside from the famous, big establishments, there are many independent small gems scattered across the city. One such place is the Estorick Gallery in Cannonbury (wedged between Dalston, Stoke Newington and Islington).

The Estorick Collection houses works of Modern Italian art within a Grade II listed Georgian building and was established in its current location in 1995.

This is a lesser known yet wonderful place to seek sanctuary from the cacophony of everyday London and immerse yourself in a world of works compiled over years of knowledgable collecting by Eric Estorick.

The Estorick Collection also houses an art library, café and shop. The Garden Caffé is a great little secret place to kick-back within the walled garden and enjoy a bit of tea and cake or a spot of delicious looking and smelling Italian lunch.

Estorick Collection of Modern
Italian Art
39a Canonbury Square
London N1 2AN


  1. This gallery looks positively magical... I'm a bit of an architecture nerd and I find myself wanting to visit just to see what the building looks like inside!

  2. what a beautiful building. I've never been there but art galleries are one of my most favourite places.


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