Improvised yum!

Hiro's culinary skills are top-notch if you ask me (I never stop congratulating myself on having a husband that can cook). He also has the added ability of being to knock something up with improbable,  things found in a near empty fridge. Here are few resourcefully made dishes that I have enjoyed recently:

Ebi to hakusai ramen.

Natto Okra don

Marmite fried rice.

All super yum!! Have you made any improvised meals lately?


  1. Those look delicious ^^ My boyfriend can't cook almost anything : /

  2. marmite fried rice?! that sounds like heaven! How do you distribute the marmite evenly? (I can envisage clumps of incredibly salty bits!)

  3. Hello Siglet! This will make you happy.......the marmite melts like a dream and spreads evenly! YAY!!

  4. Yummy. A husband in the kitchen - and one that cooks too - what more can a girl wish for?;-)

  5. Yummy! I really would like a small bowl of that noodle and A LOT of that FRIED RICE!

    Marmite rice is such a good idea!
    There is this Japanese tennis player called Ayumi Morita she is 47 - she was asked how she stays so young and fit, she replied 'I eat alot, drink alot and sleep alot' she made me think of you :)

  7. Marmite fried rice? And hmmm natto okra don, I must try that, ToddlerLorp and I are huge natto fans.. he loves natto so much that the sight of styrofoam packaging excites him. Recipe, please, Hiro-san!

  8. These dishes look delicious! I'm also quite lucky as Mr. NJAPD is great at cooking and he likes to try out new recipes or better he loves to modify any recipes he wants to make so I would call this a form of 'cooking improvisation'! Caterina


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