The Adventures of Hello Kitty in Japan....

That Kitty certainly gets around!

She has been accompanied me through my life (thanks to my Kitty crazy grandmother) and now seems to make an appearance in most places I pitch up in Japan.  It seems that she attempts to disguise herself in local regalia but she cannot fool me! I see Kitty!!

These charms/mascots are called Gotochi Kitty in Japanese and feature a local themed Hello Kitty. They originated in Hokkaido Japan about 11 years and have increased in popularity ever since.

I have accumulated a nice little collection of these Hello Kitty area and location exclusive charms that can only be found in designated localities throughout Japan. I pick them up at service stations or gift shops much to the bemusement of my travel companions. Quite frankly, I just cannot stop myself.

+ Okinawa Hello Kitty +

+ Nara Hello Kitty +

+ Gunma Hello Kitty +

+ Arashiyama Hello Kitty +

+ Skytree Hello Kitty +

+ Shiga Hello Kitty +

+ Mitsukoshi London Hello Kitty +

These London Routemaster charms are only available from Mitsukoshi in London. There are actually 3 variations and I need to have them all!

I hope you have enjoyed this little look through my assortment of Gotochi. Which is your favourite? Do you have any? 

Let me know if you fancy doing a swap for one of the London versions! I would to have more!!


  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable! I've always loved Hello Kitty - a friend of my aunt bought me a scratch and sniff (of all things!) Hello Kitty book when I was little and it was the beginning of a love affair. I have a not-so-secret dream of one day travelling on the Hello Kitty plane! I've never seen the Gotochi before but I'm convinced that they are the cutest little charms I have ever seen and I think I shall need to stop in at Mitukoshi while in London!

  2. OMG Hello Kitty overload!!! I love HK too! These must be so much fun to collect... I want them all T.T

  3. They are SO cute. Love the Nara one!

    1. Me too Sakura! I also like the daruma and the tanuki though. Oh I want more :(

  4. I have a bunch of HK items that are themed from their regional specialty... from towels to stationery, etc, and the one that I really like is the Hokkaido one (lavender purple theme, and also a melon theme), an okinawa one with a watermelon theme, a kyoto Geisha theme

    I wonder if the rest of the UK theme will have the iconic cell phone booth.

    It will be lovely to do a swap for the UK one one day with you!

    1. Hello! It's nice to know that there are other collectors out there! I would love to do a gotochi swap sometime.

      I think the London exclusives come in 3 options. The bus, a palace guard and a police kitty.

  5. adorable! hello kitty gets around :)

  6. So cute! I need to grab those London exclusives! :D

  7. this post reminds me when i was traveling in hokkaido, i stumbled upon hello kitty charms but with a 'squid' outfit...I was like O_O

  8. So cute!! I like the daruma Kitty the best, and the Shiga Kitty -- it looks like she's wearing a Halloween costume >^^<


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