Places Where No One Lives

It is no secret that we have an appetite for abandoned places. We seek them out, sneak in, disturb as little as possible, leave without causing disturbance and keep the exact locations secret.



  1. my first reaction was to ask where this is but my second thought was you won't tell because the idea is to find it yourself. my guess is it was a hotel or bed sit.

    have you seen this site before? http://www.wordpress.tokyotimes.org/?cat=36

  2. I really love looking at pictures like these - my imagination goes wild and I start thinking about the people that would have lived or frequented these places!

  3. I love peeking into deserted place -- I always wonder how the place looked like before it was deserted, who lived in it, what did they do, etc. So many possibilities in a chaotic place.

  4. Loved the photos, you truly captured the ambiance in them all : ) Thanks for sharing these xx

  5. I love it....it's great when I find places like this, i like to explore and see what's been left behind...like travelling to another world for the brief time venturing around...


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