Hot BB Creams

I seem to get a lot of questions about BB creams though they are now widely available across the west. I still favour and mainly use the seemingly endless varieties from Japan and Korea as these best suit my skin type, tone and requirements.

I split my BB creams into 2 groups. One for summer (ever optimistically) and one for winter.

Here are my favourite summer BB Creams, in no particular order.

+ Muji Uruoi BB cream in shade "natural"


The Muji Uruoi BB Cream is one of those multi-fuction varieties that are purported to provide, moisturising base care, medium coverage and UV protection. It recommended for those who want an easy to achieve natural looking finish.

I like this BB cream because it doesn't contain and fragrance or mineral oil. It has that "barely there" healthy matte finish on my skin without being drying. However, it does not have the best oil control and I find that I have to blot my T-zone after about 4 hours wear.

This is very hard to get hold of outside of Asia.

+ Canmake Tokyo in shade "natural"


I have previously reviewed this |HERE|

+ Skinfood Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea in shade #2


I was quite surprised by the texture of this BB cream when it came out of the tube. It is more of a mousse than it is a cream and this makes it very light on the skin, which to me, is a bonus in hot weather.

It does a great job of keeping my skin moist and the coverage is more sheer than the other BB creams on this list, so if you are looking for a "my skin but better BB cream", then you may well like this one.  The Rose Lemon BB imparts a semi matte finish with a bit of dewiness to it. 

The scent is more lemon than it it rose and it is inoffensive and quite refreshing for warmer climates.

This BB cream is easier to get hold of in UK if you fancy giving it a whirl. You can buy it from |KoKo Cosmetics|who are currently offering free P&P within UK and this way you can avoid scary customs charges too.

+ Hada-Labo Moist Cream BB in both "natural beige" and "natural ochre".


This is an old favourite of mine as it is good for all seasons. I flit between the two shades from winter to summer and winter again. 

It has a sheer - medium (but buildable) coverage and imparts a satin like natural finish. It applies well and is very comfortable on the skin as it allows my dry sensitive skin to breathe.

Oil control is poor in the heat but then I would not recommend this for oily skin. Like most Japanese BB creams, this is fragrance free. Again this has no mineral oil which makes me very happy indeed. 

This can be found for a very reasonable price on |Adam Beauty|

I hope that you have found this little run through my recommended hot weather BB creams helpful. I have tried and tested these products in all sorts of hot climates, from the dry heat of South Africa  to the muggy humidity of Japan in summer and the temperamental London sun.

If you have oily skin, don't despair there are plenty of BB creams tailored to helping with oil control on the market and here are a few to get you started:

+ Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream


Mattifying BB cream with oil control  and vitamin enriched formula to help with regulating sebum.

+ The FaceShop Oil-Free BB Cream

An oldy but a goody sadly no SPF but you can get around this by using a good base.

Both these BB creams can be found on eBay or |KoKo Cosmetics|


  1. The packaging of the Canmake one is appropriate for a princess, so cute and pretty ^^ Thanks for the reviews : ) xx

  2. uh, ah! Hada Labo has BB cream! What's the difference in shade btw the beige and the ochre? Thanks for this nice little review!

  3. Glad to read a review about real BB creams. My latest 'Western' sample was Clarins: horribly brown & chemically fraganced (for Clarins??) and coverage was 0.1% . Hence, your recs are quite welcome :)

  4. Thank you for this update post! Been looking for a replacement for the discontinued ClearLast Genius and it seems like you have a similar skin type to mine. Haven't heard of the Muji Uruoi but it sounds good, will definitely check this one out :)


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