Fading Silence

East London is many things but quiet, it is certainly not!

It is okay to be quiet. It is also okay to walk in silence and fade into the hushed streets that people have forgotten.

I remember those days when east London was avoided. Its streets were genuinely "cool" and the folk who loitered upon them likewise. I am glad that I felt it while the nice vibe was still lingering in the air. It is an entirely different place now. Little feels genuine apart from these old old streets with their silent stories and the secrets that they keep.


  1. Some things should never change, it's a bit sad that they do eventually : /

  2. wouldn't mind seeing more doors you know, how about you snap a few more? I take photos of doors quite a lot. nice jeans btw

  3. i also love forgotten streets, perhaps an inherited trait from my parents who are avid fans of hidden alleyways and small, undiscovered walking routes. :) so this is East London? i have yet to visit. :)


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