Barcelona Bites

Food is at the heart of my enjoyment of adventure. I cannot truly enjoy a visiting  place if I do not enjoy its culinary offerings.

From my point of view, food is at the very heart of a culture and partaking in the sampling local cuisine is part of experiencing the soul of a place.

Spanish food is very easy to find in London with many establishments purporting to have authentic tapas and such. However, sampling real Spanish food in Barcelona really gives a benchmark to the taste buds.

I have 2 recommendations for eating out in Barcelona. One for tapas and one for delicious seafood.

\\ Cerveceria Catalana
236 Mallorca, 08008, Barcelona.

If queues are an indicator of good food then this is worth the wait. We pitched up at Cerveceria Catalana at about 7pm and the queue was enormous, we were told that there would be a 40 minute wait...minimum. However, we are not fussy about seating arrangements and so volunteered ourselves to sit at the bar and thus got served straight away. 

Crab meat tapas

Jambugo (cured ham)

Grilled padron peppers with rock salt

Cerveceria Catalana is very highly rated and popular and quite rightly so. It is very good value for money and your Euros will go a long way in terms of delicious little dishes and lovely wine to wash it all down with.

We enjoyed some of our favourite tapas dishes and fell in love with some new ones too.

\\ Kaiku
Plaza del Mar, 1, 08003 Barcelona

This place was the recommendation of a dear friend and I was so excited about trying it out as it had 2 of my most favourite things on the menu, seafood and rice.

Spiced grilled fresh octopus with avocado.

Zamburiñas (little scallops) with lemon ginger sauce

Arroz Negro

Smoked rice with artichokes arugula and seasonal mushrooms.

Both the smoked rice and the black squid ink rice are not  paella as many people seem to think. Though the black inky rice may scare people at first glance but it beyond delicious and leaves you with a lovely smile :)

Kaiku is located by the beach in Barceloneta and is one of the many eateries that seem only to open at lunchtime. The food was so frsh and so well prepared with great understanding and care for the ingredients used.Skipping breakfast and booking ahead is recommended. 


  1. everything looks so goooooood!

  2. That all looks A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. !!! HOLY MOLEY!!!!


  3. oh man, that food got me jumping into the laptop

  4. I'm drooling all over my desk! The food looks delicious. Mediterranean food is really tasty : )

  5. Are you in Barcelona right now?! The food looks amazing and I agree, food is the heart and soul of any culture...

  6. Food always plays a big roll in my travel adventures - in fact, I think one of the main reasons I didn't particularly enjoy my trips to Budapest and Bilbao years ago was that we had bad luck with food. Barcelona was another story entirely. I had low expectations for the food there - I'm not a seafood eater, which rules out a lot of things for me. But we had some of the most wonderful food I've ever eaten while we were there. And reading this post, I'm thinking it might be time for another trip... you know, to visit the restaurants ;)

  7. Ah, I just want to accompany you when you travel and have what you eat!
    <3 Carolyn

  8. i've not had good experiences with tapas but that's cos i've only been to one chain place and it was terrible. this however looks brilliant


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