“No pleasure endures unseasoned by variety”

I have little boxes for little knickknacks that I collect and I suppose that this blog post is much like these little boxes in that it is filled with a miscellaneous grouping of things.

\\ BB tea

I have some new BB creams to try out (reviews will come soon)! Both by Skinfood Korea and both part of their Good Afternoon tea inspired collection. Having finished off a tube of Honey Black Tea | Review can be found here | from the same collection, decided that I liked it plenty enough to try more variations.

I bought these from KoKo who sell Korean makeup and skincare and are based in UK. If you normally buy your Korean bits online via eBay or GMarket then you may well find their price hikes rather steep. However, if you would rather buy items from a trusted UK retailer and/or need something pronto then I suggest that you bookmark their page.

They currently have a FREE postage offer (UK only) too!

| KoKo Cosmetics Website |

I am a wrapper

When I was young, I loved wrapping things. I loved it so much and performed each task with such care and delight that my aunt would pay me to wrap her gifts at Christmas time. 

I seem to have rekindled my love for wrapping since opening my little online shop. Here is something that I did recently using MT Wrap, ribbons and random stickers. The sticker actually looks a little like the person that this is intended for.

\\ Go away rain cloud

Like many Brits I am sick of our ghastly weather and so decided to turn my rant against its dreariness into something pretty. 

I made these darling bows to be paraded in your ponytails, braids or buns. I handpicked fabrics from Liberty London, Cath Kidtson and others to really inspire a bit of cheer. So, while they are not guaranteed to bring out the sun, they will encourage happy thoughts and sunny smiles!

\\ In my own little world

I am a bit bonkers over Line Play and am placing the blame firmly on VanityFashionista's petite shoulders! 
Here I have created a little home for a mini version of me that seems to sneeze a lot, break out into cute dances and wears bunny ears. 

It is a silly but fun app to have and one that I find relaxing and amusing as it allows me to visit many random people as well as some of my favourite bloggers who I may have gently dragged down the rabbit hole with me.

Recently I have even popped in to see Ayumi Hamasaki. Her eyes are scary big and she is always ready to strike a pose.

If you too are on Line Play, or you fancy falling into an odd little kawaii world, come find me! I am "Fushigi".

\\ Dotty Origami

Origami is a much loved pastime of mine. Whilst in Japan I noticed some more contemporary patterned origami paper which I snapped up in a heartbeat.  I also managed to add more paper and a lovely booklet to my collection here in the UK thanks to the | Journal Shop |.

I think that is quite enough rambling on for today. It is Friday after all.


  1. I just checked out all the links, I am so tempted! Skinfood has never failed to impress me so I'll check it out, will you be doing reviews of the new ones in time? x

  2. OMG!

    I really like Origamis :) I might buy those papers if they are available in the bookstore. By the way, maybe u should make a tutorial on how to make those bows you made there. I really dont knw how to sew T_T


  3. I have a drawer of knickknacks too, it's amazing what one can find there, funny thing is that I don't even remember getting any of them : ) haha xx

  4. Love all these tidbits!! I must check out the Line Play, sounds like the perfect app to waste time after the Toddler is asleep :-)

  5. Aww Line Play looks so good I need to check this out!

  6. Eeeee lots of cute bits and pieces!!

    I want to try those BB creams, haha I'm having trouble keeping up with Skinfoods new releases!

    Hehe Line Play is so addictive! I agree with you Ayumi Hamasaki's eyes are scary! I want to live in Line Play world and give out hearts... XD

  7. I thought those were teabags!! until i read Skinfood :P

  8. I thought those were teabags! until i read Skinfood :P


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