Things for Things

Being organised has never been so vital to my life as it is now. Every little thing must have its place so I can find it with ease. Muji is a great place to find such things to put things in. 

Muji is packed with simple yet really handy cases and storage solutions which allow for customising. This is great for me.

These slim portable PP cases are so perfect for keeping headpins together. They prevent them from bending and because they are frosted, they keep the pins from oxidising too.

Muji Pill Cases are great for keeping Swarovski beads. Each section is detachable so I can keep rearranging them into colour groups aaaaaaaand.... because each section has its own lid, it makes it so much easier to use too.

My memory is not what it once was and so I use strips of MT tape to label each things so I don't forget what is what. 

Storage doesn't have to be purpose bought. I also make use of tins and boxes to keep my variety of bits and bobs.

After scoffing a tin of mini Love Hearts, I use it for keeping my bobbins and spools in one place.

A macaron box now brims with satin ribbons.

Tea tins now rattle with pearls.

It really is worth thinking twice before you chuck something out. It may serve you well as something else!


  1. hehehe, I do the same thing with my little kusmi tea tins! ^_^


  2. It was I who painstakingly separated your chaotic collection of beads.

    1. Such lovely things, Muji is heaven. My makeup bag from there was lovely enough until I realized that it clips together when fully unzipped, and becomes a 'tray' so I can see all my precious things

  3. Oh, I love organising things in little boxes/containers. I find it really satisfying. Not that I'm anywhere near as organised as I'd like to be but it's something to keep aspiring to! :)


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