Japan Packaged

Since divulging my packaging obsession on my blog, I've discovered that there are so many other crazy people out there that go a little weak at the knees at handsomely presented items.  

Today, it's all about some of my favourites from the Land of the Rising Sun:

Sakuma Drops. Classic boiled sweets of assorted flavours. A proper old-school but timeless favourite.

Max Fasteners 5mm Staples. The standard choice for my mini stapler.

Plum rice seasoning from Kyoto. Such pretty presentation is ready to give as it is as a gift. Japan is a nation obsessed with food. Each region have their own specialities and so it is very common to give gifts of food when returning from trips to different parts of the country.

Long matches. Perfect for lighting candles. I bought these in a 100 Yen shop in Japan. One of my favoruite places to shop!

Matcha. Powdered green tea in a resleable pouch. I adore these graphics. It just screams out JAPAN!!!!

I have of course added these images to my Packaging File on Pinterest. Feel free to follow.


  1. ohhh yes you now i am one of these mentioned people, why the hell not!

    I must say I'm a fan of these matches and "Max Fasteners" whoa! if I ever see anything cheap that i think you may like i'm collect them for you and send

  2. I must admit, I don't give much thought to packaging, but the way you present it on your blog makes me think about it! If I were to compile a post like this with Canadian products, it would have to include the red-and-white Campbell's Soup can, and the shiny purple wrapping of a Dairy Milk Bar :)


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