Inlight Happy Oil

Inlight's Organic Daily Face Oil has become an essential treatment in my skincare routine. After using it a couple of nights each week for a few months, I have come to rely on its smoothing, balancing and moisture  replenishing properties and am now wishing that this magic bottle never ever runs out!

Inlight is a UK-based, Cornish company that specialise in handmade oil-based skincare. I was given a bottle of the Inlight face oil to try after attending an eco-aware event a few months ago. 

At first glance, I was unimpressed with the packaging as its lack of a dropper or stopper means I often waste some of the oil. However, packaging issues aside, this stuff is really effective on my dry/combo winter stricken skin.

Massaging it into my skin twice weekly helps to reset my skin and I wake up with a glow to my complexion.

I am not in love with the scent, there is a chocolatey undertone that irks me somewhat but it does dissipate after a while so I can tolerate it.

If you too have stressed out winter bitten skin, then I would give this a try! A couple of drops in my day cream also works well.

The ingredients are 100% organic and includes:

Simmondsia chinensis – jojoba seed oil – nourishing, to promote elasticity
Rosa rubiginosa – rose seed oil – antioxidant
Rosa damascena – rose flower extract – astringent
Oenothera biennis – evening primrose oil – antioxidant, regenerating
Vanilla planifolia – vanilla fruit extract – astringent, antiseptic
Malva sylvestris – mallow flower/leaf extract – soothing, anti-inflammatory
Rosa canina – rose hip fruit extract – antioxidant
Lavandula angustifolia – lavender oil – anti-inflammatory, cytophylactic
Rosa damascena – rose flower oil – astringent
Linalool*, geraniol*, citronellol*, limonene*.
*Natural constituent of essential oils.

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  1. Do you use the oil in lieu of moisturizer? Sounds like a very good formulation, this one.

    1. Hello Claire! Yes indeed. I use this instead of my moisturiser when I use it as a night time treatment.

  2. i have really bad troubles with my skin, i've always had spots since i was 14 and it's never really let us. i mean it's not bad now but i get left with scars really easily. it's oily but dry and the same time. would you recommend for me?


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