The Liberal (Mis)Use of Colour

I wear a lot of black. I have so many black clothes that my wardrobe looks like a cupboard full of shadows. Nonetheless I do have some colourful apparel and a frightening tendency to wear far more of them at a single time that is possibly polite. 

Many people in London veer away from bright garments in the colder months, opting for comfort in gloom. I am one such Londoner. Well, I am normally......

In spite of myself and more to the point, in spite of the weather and season I decided to wear a liberal conflict of colours on our Saturday walk. 

We came across a couple of irregular things, one being, what looks like a rusty old cupboard on a patch of grass.

Of course I tried to open it and of course the door was quite immovable. Perhaps it once held electrics of some sort. I'd rather imagine that it is actually a doorway to another place entirely and I just but to find the key to access this delightful deviation.

This was not the only odd thing we encountered...

High up in a tree, was this structure. I wonder if it is intended for birds. I wonder if the birds are confused by it. I know I am. It's like a council estate for birds or perhaps a beehive for..........birds.

Very inventive.


  1. I've always wanted to go to a place like this, full of culture and mystery :)


  2. you guiding through London by your blog gives that total Wonderland idea too

    1. I would very much like to drag you around with me one day Birkie x

  3. Its like the flats in Ju-On! For all the tiniest of birds

  4. My wardrobe is also full of black. In North America, this is considered a bit odd - most people wear colour regularly, if not inventively. Personally, I think it's better to wear motly black but to be creative with colour when you do wear it, and I love this mix of primary shades. There's something slightly Paddington Bear-esque about it. I realise that sounds odd but I mean it to be complimentary, I've always loved Paddington's outfit; he's so dapper and wears contrasting shades so well, as you do!

    1. Not at all my dear! I think Paddington was rather dapper and he, along with Wally and Tin Tin are among my style heros! lol

  5. My wardrobe is 50 shades of grey :-) Well, sprinkled with some navy, black, and variation in between. I love your coat, though, and your mis-use of colors!

  6. i wear a mixture of bright and dull, it keeps me feeling myself. i dont really ever have a fully dull outfit.

    the old box looks so out of place, like it should be in some victorian house. also this fully looking tree thing looks to me like vhs and cassettes, you getting that?


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