Ladurée Everyday

It is quite by chance that I happened across this marvellous perpetual almanac in a local bookshop for I was actually in search of a rather captivating book that I remembered an old teacher reading us on rainy days in Kenya. The gorgeous cover interrupted my attention and I instantly fell quite in love with it.

The Almanac Perpetual Ladurée is a thing of beauty but it is also a treasury of pure delight! Contained within its comely pages are recipes, wonderful quotes, curious trivia and advice on anything from caring for your china, beauty secrets and tips on interior decoration not forgetting the glorious illustrations.

You, don't have to be a fan of their macarons to enjoy the delights of this companion to your days. I am in such awe of it myself that I managed to get hold of two at a very reasonable rate and so I am offering one up for grabs to one lucky WorshipBlues reader.

Here is how you can enter;

  1. You absolutely must be a follower of this blog.
  2. Please leave a comment in the comment box telling me of about one strange habit that you may have.
  3. Please do follow me on |Twitter| or like my shop page on |Facebook|
I shall get someone to pick a winner at random and the closing date for this giveaway is Midnight on the 1st March (GMT). Open to international entries too.


  1. Oh, how lovely! A strange habit that I have? Oh, I know! I can't have any of the blankets or covers past my neck when I get into bed...definitely can't touch my face or chin!

    I follow via GFC & bloglovin (Larie) and via Twitter (@eyeheartit).

  2. how beautiful! what a wonderful thing to find :)

    one of my strange habits comes out when I'm really stressed or nervous... to calm myself down, I practice rolling my "R"s because I'm reaaaaally bad at it, haha. somehow always brings a smile to my face, plus I have to take deep breaths to do it.. works out both ways.

  3. I decorate my house with ornaments on a black iron tree for all occasions throughout the year such as New Years, Chinese New Years, Mardi Gras, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas.

  4. One strange habit I find myself unconsciously doing (why did I just define it?) happens whenever I sneeze. When I sneeze my obnoxiously high pitched sneeze, my right automatically shoots backwards (bending backwards in a sort of one-legged pose) for a quick second and then goes back down. This weird habit makes for numerous awkward situations, especially when I'm sitting down.

  5. Great giveaway, beautiful prize.

    After being a violinist for many many years I have a strange habit of 'playing' it in my sleep. That and the piano. Sometimes I wake myself up with it but mostly I just wake up my husband with my fingers going mad playing concertos in my sleep lol


  6. One of my strange habits is whenever I make tea it is always half a cup of strong milky tea. That's the perfect size.

  7. Follower @ Google Reader: patuxxa
    Follower @ Facebook: Patricia Gomes


    My strange habit is eating salt... around here we cook with sea salt which has these big chunky sodium crystals... now and then I like to put one in my mouth and let it melt like candy. I do this since I was a child, though now I do it less... too much salt is bad for you!

  8. Oh how absolutely lovely! What a generous giveaway :)

    Strange habits.... hm. I don't know if this is actually a strange habit rather than the symptom of being an engineer/scientist, but when I learn about an interesting phenomena I have to know WHY it is so, what causes it, the physics or chemistry behind it. Some of my friends complain that I take all the magic out of things by explaining it away, but I don't know, I think that IS the magic of it. Also I wash my hair with a shampoo massager so my hair doesn't go into the little splits of my nails and cause them to fracture more, and I cut the excess pieces off of sheet masks and put them on the corners of my nose where the mask doesn't cover.

  9. Beautiful almanac! I love everything Laduree. Hmm.. peculiar habit. I'm not Japanese but I like natto for breakfast. And I always wash my feet before going to bed.

  10. My strange habit... I have lots but not many I want to share online...I think the only one I'm prepared to mention online is the OCD with my hair straighteners. I use them. I turn them off and I absolutely MUST go back upstairs later to check I did turn them off (I always have!) xxx

  11. Entering entering your giveaway for this lovely book!
    Strange habit about me....I like humming/singing tv commercial songs?! Japan's CMs are funny and weird most times and I just sing whenever...my husband thinks I'm funny haha.
    Agnes ^^

  12. My sneezes have doesn't seem to have a voice of its own. How strange. Silent sneezes. Means I never get a "bless you" and I can never say "thank you" back!

  13. Thanks for this lovely giveaway!
    My most strange habit would be putting things somewhere I feel safe and then almost immediately forget where on earth I put them and go about searching the entire house. Once, I wanted to keep the TV remote out of my baby's reach and ending up searching for it for the entire day missing my favorite shows. At the end of the day when I was about to make dinner, I opened the fridge and lo and behold the remote was sitting right next to the apples.

  14. Hi dear,

    I do not participate, but it looks absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing.

    Great blog *_*.


  15. This book looks sooo awesome!
    So one of my strange habit (dunno if it's that strange) but when I go to bed, I NEED (like it's mandatory) to "punch" my pillow in order to make it more plump and even. I cannot go to bed and put my head on my pillow if I did not do that before.

  16. Strange habit.... I don't let anyone sit on my bed unless they've showered and wearing clean clothes. I also don't sit on my own bed unless I've showered, AND I have to shower immediately before climbing into bed so I'm completely clean. Oh gosh, now my secret is out in the open, hahaha.

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! =)

  17. What a beautiful book, thank you for finding + sharing it!

    My strange habit — never leaving a singular unit of any item behind. Examples: if there are two cookies left in the jar, I'll force myself to eat both (oh the horror, oh the misery), and if there are two cans of [fooditem] left on the store shelf, I'll buy both cans. I do this because I worry the remaining unit will be lonely if I left it behind. This quirk has resulted in quite a lot of teasing from friends and family over the years, but at least my pantry is more than sufficiently stocked most of the time!

  18. I think my mother will LOVE this little treasure. It'll make a lovely Mother's Day gift too.

    I snack when I sit in front of the TV. I'm not necessarily hungry but I find it comforting to eat chips/sweets when I watch a show :P I'm the 100th like on you facebook page :) (Debbie Chan)

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  19. I... I am in love. I love books like this! They're quite hard to find, though... or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

    Strange habit? I have a ritual before bed: Put the computer to sleep, turn of all the lights in my room save for the side table light, "tuck" my guinea pig in (Closing her cage and covering it with a cloth on top), wash my hands, change into my sleeping clothes/pyjamas, go downstairs and walk one round to make sure that everything is "OK", come back up into my room, plump up my pillows, tuck myself in, stuff my baby bolster up my top so that it rests on my belly, read, then fall asleep. It is a MUST, even when I travel, but then I substitute walking around downstairs with walking around the room and arranging the things I need the next day nicely in a spot.

    Oh or does collecting stationery and then not having the heart to use them also count as a strange habit?


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