I Am An Eccentric Molecule

The escentric 01 fragrance has been on my scent radar and wish-list for sometime now. It is a unisex fragrance that many rave about and many seem to be at a loss about. 

Doing my best to skirt around the sciencey bit for your sake and mine, I understand that this is made from one molecule. One single molecule that is the aroma chemical known as Iso E. I like to keep things simple so the simplicity of this really appeals to my nature. 

Escentric 01 is peculiar and rather clever in the way it smells different on one person to another. On me it is a velvety soft but musky woody scent with a citrus whisper. The scent comes and goes and I cannot always smell it on myself which I like. However, Hiro can smell it and though he likes it on me, he dislikes the fragrance on himself.

I like things that pander to individuality. 


  1. The scent varies in every person? Cool.


  2. I used to love this niche brand a few years ago. I tried everything. I also owned a full bottle of Molecule 01. But, then I got bored, and sold it. I do agree, it is a nice and unique brand, and I love anything unique. Molecule 01 was my favorite scent. Many people would argue with me and say it is a piece of expensive crap since the only synthetic ingredient is so cheap. But...I liked it, and I wanted to have it. :)

  3. It sounds wonderful...I like things that pander to individuality too! x

  4. I love this scent although most of the time I can't smell it on myself and forget I have it on. But everyone else likes it on me.

  5. I Knew you would like this- its like the creators read your blog and created it just for you


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