I've been busy tying knots. Lots and lots of knots in ribbons and things.

My mum used to be good at macrame and she would tie knots in inventive formations, like owls and such which she would then hand up on walls. 

I have decided to use my knots in a less homely but hopefully more stylish intentions.

Meet my new Columbina Necklaces:

Columbina is inspired by the decadence of a Venetian masked ball, and harlequins and modern architecture and the movement of an accordion.

I like the honesty of this bold statement necklace. It is made only of ribbon and the structure itself is very flexible whilst being solid enough to retain it's shape and be worn time and time again without concern of it collapsing. It can be worn with either the black or the fuchsia side on display and it does up in a bow at the back or you can do it up on one side if you prefer. You can compress the structure or stretch it out a bit to make it longer.

Flexibility to allow things to be made more personal is important to me. And so, I have left the ribbon purposely long to allow for room to play, you can trim it as necessary. The knots have been specially treated so they will not come undone.

I do hope you like them!  If you would like to see more details, do saunter over to the | Fushigi Shop |.

>>> In Other News >>>

I will be hosting another giveaway this week so keep your eyes peeled for the appearance of that!


  1. So gorgeous! Ribbons are a guilty pleasure of mine, I collect and collect. At the moment its taupes and grey velvets that I have sprouting out of ottomans threatening to betray me. I should learn something to do with them so they can live!x

  2. Wow beautiful!! I must learn this new craft macrame.. and you have impeccable style. I love the bold color combo that you chose.

  3. You look gorgeous. Such a fabulous necklace, love ribbons!! Talented one you are ;) Love the pink and black one :))) I hope you are keeping warm doll, have a sweet day x

  4. This is the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen! It reminds me of a Elizabethan collar only jazzier! Well done Sumi! I wanna buy it x


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