Cake Japan

I go mad for cake in Japan. Somehow they have managed to get the balance of sweetness just right for me.  I prefer my cake only slightly sweet and very light.

Here are some of my favourite moments of cake-ish indulgence while I was in Tokyo.

Chocolate cake enjoyed somewhere in Takashimaya.

Cheesecake enjoyed in a backstreet café in Shibuya.

Strawberry shortcake and matcha cake, bought at the station and eaten at home.

If I lived in Japan I would be a few sizes larger I am sure. Incidentally, Hiro doesn't eat cake or anything sweet in fact, he has this peculiar notion (probably Japanese) that men don't eat cake or chocolate! 


  1. My sons ex girlfriend is Vietnamese, and she would bring us delicious cakes from China Town. Sponge like air and not sickly, and cream and fresh fruit from heaven. As well as wonderful nail polish but thats another story. Such delights x

  2. Haha The notion that eating sweets is something not masculine is sooo Japanese! That's why some companies advertise dark chocolate as men's chocolate. I love Japanese pastries and bakeries. I'm pretty sure that's why I gained my freshman fifteen as a junior when I was studying abroad there.

    1. ahahaha!!! I do too.

      Its so true. Come to think of it. My dad never touched anything sweet. I offered him cake once and he looked at me as though I lost the plot!

  3. Men don't eat cake? Hiro is the opposite of PapaLorp who has the biggest (sweetest?) sweet tooth in the house. Well, I guess more cake for you :-)

  4. OMG! You got me craving Japanese dessert! I love Japanese cakes too. I agree with you 100%--it's the perfectly sweetened--not too sweet and the cakes are oh so light and fluffy! Fortunately, we can get cakes like that here, albeit a bit pricey.


  5. this matcha cake looks irresistible!


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