A Visit to : Choosing Keeping

I am very keen on stationery. I have been ever since I was a child and so when my friend told me about Choosing Keeping, I knew that I had to make a visit. 
Choosing keeping is an inviting, light and airy little shop on Columbia Road and in their own words "...pay special attention to the historic background of each product and their respective manufacturer and invite you to read our findings  here."

Julia is the proprietor of Choosing Keeping and the level of attention to detail that she extends to everything can really be felt in every part of the shop. Everything is kept in such an orderly manner that makes it such an easy and pleasant experience to browse through the many fine cherry-picked items that she stocks.

I was lucky enough to catch Julia during a quiet moment. She showed me her newly arrived vintage erasers and I discovered that we share a love for Japanese letter writing sets. I also had much fun looking at her selection of pencils and was both pleased and surprised to see that she stocks Kaweco pens, Craft Design Technology pencils as well as a fine selection of notebooks. I could feel that Julia really cares about what she stocks and that touched me.

Columbia Road is a bustling hive of activity on Sundays when the flower market is in full swing. It is a much quieter affair during the week but nevertheless, it is worth a visit if only to visit this gem of a shop.

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  1. i love it, bloody love it. i'd really like to go. i have a nice collection of pencils, staplers, note pads and rubbers but i'm very interested in these Craft Design pencils

    ace post

  2. I have such a soft spot for Kaweco pens. I need to finally buy one!

  3. Ah, I'm such a sucker for stationery!

    <3 Rubiiee

  4. Wonderful place, I love love me some stationary...I can't wait till I have a more proper office space, so I can have drawers of stationary ready for me to use :))) Right now, it's all every where, haha! x


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