3 Owls

I like owls. I like their rotund eyes. I like their solitary habits and I even like that curious thing that they can do with their necks. 

Owls hold interesting cultural symbolisms. I remember as a child in Kenya, we were often told that owls were harbingers of death and that their call, called someone within earshot to their grave. Conversely, to my Japanese family, owls are seen as lucky and protectors from hardship. 

Here are some of my favourite owl objects. Objects that I would like to own one day:

|Civette Candle, Fornasetti.|

|Toikka Barn Owl, Iitala.|

|Hand carved owl, Matt Pugh|


  1. thanks for the extra cultural info on owls and I really like them too

  2. i love the carved owl especially - so beautiful x

  3. beautiful, I have an owl lamp, this one : http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/whiterabbitengland/product/owl-light I loves it x

  4. I love these owl finds and my son LOVES owls. We must have more owls in the house as they carry good fortunes & protection! Can never hurt to have those, eh?

  5. I heard the same story about the owl's call of death from my grandmother. we hear it sometimes from her house near the farm. now that you mentioned it again it still shivers my timbers! nevertheless, i think owls make great subjects of art :)


  6. this is fascinating, i never knew there was a cultural relevance to owls in kenya. i'd like to hear more about it

  7. Great picks, I always find owls to be mysterious and fascinating. I learned something new here too.


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