Nice Needles

I seem to have a growing number of assortments of various things, well enough to persist in my blogging about them at least. Lately, I have noticed that I have quite a neat collection of needle-books. I do a fair amount of hand sewing and so these things are invaluable to me.

I probably ought to stop buying these little gems but I keep reassuring myself that one cannot have enough needles.

I have of course added these images to my Packaging File on Pinterest. 


  1. I love your addictions! So many amazing finds!!
    Ah its been so long since i have read your blog oh how i have missed it!
    x Sakrua

  2. There is nothing better than super cute packaging! I too find myself hoarding pretty things and never using them because I cant bring myself to do it haha! xx

  3. I too have a penchant for perfect packaging design/logo, I just haven't come across one worth sharing yet. Meanwhile, I'll peruse yours in pinterest.


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