New Year. New Stationery

This is an annual habitual mantra of mine. Whilst shopping for a new diary, (I always have a paper diary as it is wise to not depend upon electronic devices completely), I find it an impossibility to resist buying new pencils, pens and other bits n' bobs. Here are my favourite UK online sellers, each stock an excellent array of goods:

|Choosing Keeping|

|Present & Correct|

|The Journal Shop|

Fresh new journals, notebooks and new pencils are almost as good as fresh sheets on my bed to me.

Where did you get your diary from this year?


  1. nice, thank you! I love picking a new diary, I usually go for a moleskine but this year a got a Noto from paperchase, this one:



  2. Love a fresh start with new stationary: like a "back to school" feeling. My diary is the one I bought 1 1/2 year ago on Gmarket...

  3. I really dislike online journaling, it's just not the same for me. My new journal is from Whole Foods, but I'm really tempted to checkout the Journal Shop.

  4. I'm sticking to my handy dandy Moleskines again this year! (As boring as they look, their paper is just awesome for doodling.)

  5. I love this, Yasumi! You should definitely tell us more about these neat little UK shops. I just ordered a Midori notebook thing to stick some diary pages in! Perfect timing as I was loathe to go back to my yearly Moleskine.

  6. I have a soft spot for pretty stationery, but my diary is always a good ol' Moleskin. Now I don't even have a diary, but I'm doing this for BabyLorp:


  7. whoa got to check this choosing keeping out


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