| Photo Diary | Downtown Tokyo

Ueno is one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. It has a rough edge that I fancy and a certain brash loudness that gets my wits in a fluttery of excitement.

The park is vast, old and wonderful. Filled with beautiful walks, cultural centres and marvellously peculiar people, it is a sort of living tapestry of Tokyo life . Ueno park also harbours a large community of Tokyo's homeless. There are few better places to people/life watch.

Also in Ueno is the hustle and bustle-ful Ameyoko. A lively, loud and boisterous stretch of market that is brimming with a huge assortery of things.

We love markets. We like the bickering, the banter and the bargaining. The smells, the madness and the mayhem. The muck, the colours and the personalities. For precisely all these reasons, street food tastes particularly good here amidst it all. 

Takoyaki was the immediate choice. The perfect snack washed down with a cold beer and walked off with a stroll through the ever interesting area. 

Thank you Hiro for the photos.

\\ What I wore: White mens dress shirt from Moss Bros + Skull cufflinks from Next + Wool trousers from All Saints + Tights from Tutuanna + Necklace 1899 Antique Russian Ruble + Shoes Dr Martens + Socks from Tabio + Lipstick from Burberry in Bright Plum.


  1. I love your shirt and that food looks amazing x

  2. Definitely my kind of place to visit, I'd love to get lost in the midst of all the mayhem there. And I'd come even if only for the takoyaki!

  3. Aaaand, now craving takoyaki! Lovely post, you always see the world in such intriguing ways, it makes me want to open my eyes a bit wider to everyday life.

  4. What a wonderful bustling market and you look gorgeous. Love this look. Xxxx


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