Betty's Coffee

I enjoyed my brief pit stop at Betty's Coffee a few weeks ago. It's a lovely place to gather one's thoughts and get a little respite from the rain or sun.

I am not a coffee drinker so I cannot comment on that part of the menu, but, I did have a delightfully presented and refreshing Earl Grey which I enjoyed immensely with my peanut butter cookie.

I am looking forward to visiting Betty's again. I am looking forward to sipping on a nice cuppa in their courtyard while the pleasant weather is still smiling on London.

Betty's Coffee
510b Kingsland Road
London E8 4AE

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Eviction notices have been served to my single eyeshadows. For too long have they languished in my make up drawer. It is my fault really. I am the one that collects them then forgets them and leaves them neglected (and admittedly at times unused). Single shadows are more often than not packaged in a way that make them cumbersome to travel with and far too demanding to consider using in the mornings. And so it is with much conviction that I have decided to re-house these singles into a more sociable and cooperative environments.

It started with the arrival of Rouge Bunny Rouge's eyeshadow refills adorned in their pretty paper jackets. 

The RBR refills are smaller than the traditional singles but I like this format much more, it saves on cost and packaging and saves me the bother of heating up the casings on my GHDs.

Solstice Halcyon was my first victim. It did crack along the perimeter a tad and though this did irritate me, I learned much from it and proceeded to de-pot the rest of my collection without further mishaps.

The key is patience, a good straightening iron - I use my GHDs and a good knife. The one above is an old one of Hiro's mums that lost it's nose some time ago making it a perfect tool for extracting the shadows with ease.

Next on my eviction list was my NARS shadows. Some grubby, some never used, all had to move into one place so that I may reach for them more often.

Here are some helpful hints for depotting NARS and RBR single eyeshadows using GHDs:

  • put down a couple of sheets of greaseproof paper onto the GHD plate before putting the single shadow onto it.
  • leave the shadow on the plate for 3 minutes. 
  • slide of the sticker and let it cool down a for a minute before slipping a sharp knife into the side crevices to loosen the shadow.
  • if the shadow doesn't come loose easily, place it back onto the GHDs for a minute longer
  • it is a good idea to label the shadows either with a Sharpie or the extracted label.
  • use a good customisable palette. I use Unii palettes are they are easy to clean and have an excellent seal to prevent messy spillages.

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Painted Walls

What do you think of murals? 

Where is the distinction between a mural and a bit of graffiti? Does it lie in "acquiescence"?

Would you have one cascading down the wall of your house? I have spotted quite a few in my area:

A black cat crossed my path. Mumma used to say that this was lucky. I am not very superstitious.

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Some Pink

Pink makes me think! I am not even sure if I like pink all that much. I wouldn't consider it as a shade to decorate my home with. I own nearly no pink garments. I suppose that it is that colour that I like to dislike but cannot help liking now and again.

Macarons in pink means sugar dusted strawberry or delicate cherry blossom flavours.

Ladurée recently teamed up with Hello Kitty to unleash a cacophony of kawaii into the world. I think this box is a keeper, though I shall probably stuff it with black things to temper the cuteness. 

The pink hues extend to well presented Italian cinnamon sweets, pink framed Fujifilm Instax photographs, Japanese masking tape and some make up.

Pink lipstick is another matter altogether. I am quite addicted to the delicate petal shades just as much as the bolder hues.

Teacups in pink are acceptable, they complement sweet things very well! The notepads are made with Japanese fabric and were a gift from Hiro's baachan (grandmother). The earrings were recently made by me and will soon be found in my little shop.

Are you a fan of pink?

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Cherry Lush in Sunny Feelings

The sun is out and so is my bright mouth.

Tom Ford's Cherry Lush rules the red lip roost.

//Applied while listening to Two Door Cinema Club's "eat that up, it's good for you: 

You would look a little better
Don't you know
If you just wore less make-up
But it's hard to realise
When you're sky high
Fighting off the spaceships

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Clear Waters in London

As Londoners we are all too accustomed to the mainly murky waters of the Thames. However, there are crystal clear waters that run through London in semi-secret. 

Discretely waiting just off St Pauls Road in Cannonbury lies an entrance to the easily unnoticed New River Walk.

The story of New River Walk begins way back in the 17th century when it began life as an aqueduct built to bring drinking water from the River Lea in Hertfordshire to North London.

What remains today is a narrow winding but delightfully picturesque walk alongside a shallow slow moving stream.

The magic of this place is probably down to it being so easily overlooked. The leafy, graceful green walk divides the once notorious Marquess housing estate, now known as the New River Estate and the the rather lovely Georgian houses with enviably large gardens.

This is an area made for strolling. There are many waterside walks in North London. However, this is a far cry from a "peaceful" walk in the sun along the Regents Canal path in Hackney where it is anything but relaxing. The the narrow path is shared with many many bicycles making it a gauntlet of shrieking bells.

This is a delightful and elegant part of inner city London with just enough fresh air and peace and quiet to really really relax.

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of my lesser known London. I shall be back soon with some more noteworthy spots, but feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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Toulouse is a Win!

As far as pink creme nail varnishes go, Mavala's Toulouse is a winner!

Toulouse is a near perfect pink with a slight coral tinge. It applies semi sheer so 3 coats would result in a creamy opaque finish. Toulouse wears well and lasted 4 days without any chips - a record for me and my crafter hands.

I am a fan of the affordable and practically sized Mavala polishes. These are available from BeautyBay for about £3.50.

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Friends of Worshipblues: Mina Hamada

It's been far too long since last I exposed a friend of Worshipblues, so, today I have an extra special one to add to the mix. Mina who is family to us. 

In her own words;

I'm drawing pictures and making picture books// Pinto y escribo los cuentos,poemas,hago libros...

Mina is Japanese, born in New Orleans USA, and now lives in Barcelona where she has been finding her ground and spreading her wings artistically. 

I enjoy the energy of her work. I feel that as she does not confine herself to galleries, the energy, vibrancy, and spirit of life transfers itself onto her canvas with such buoyancy that I cannot feel anything but real happiness when I see her paintings.

[Visit Mina's Blog Here]

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Within Hidden Steeples

One morning, improbably early, a band of friends set out in search of long forgotten places.

Driving through distorted scenes, falling into the cracks of the past, seeking clues of worship that once was. We caught lingering prayers in our breath.

We interrupted a place where vines are a thriving loyal congregation. A place of Silent benediction in deep green and thorns. 

Next we arrived at a solitary place down a hidden path beyond green pastures. Bereft of it's former furnishings, this is still an occasional place of worship.

Many forgotten churches evaded our footsteps. It may seem unlikely that such buildings are capable of hiding, but they must preserve their magic for exactly this purpose.

After being chucked off a royal estate where the most glamorous looking cattle plod about their lush pastures, we found our final stop and it was our favourite church of the three. Behind, it's hidden entrance, silent vigil in decaying bricks and prospering creepers have created a work of inadvertent art. I think this would make a truly romantic and memorable wedding location. I may have mentioned this about 10 times to our currently unwed friend.

There are said to be around 150 lost/abandoned villages in the county of Norfolk. Though the reasons are often vague and varied, it is safe to assume that many have fallen under the plough. These solitary decaying churches are the final remnants of the forgotten villages.
There is something in the air of Norfolk. something unusual in the air. I will be back to explore much more.

I have purposely left the precise locations vague and the churches unnamed. They are not hard to find if you are determined. Don't be upset with me, it's all part of the adventure!

Hunter wellington boots//Vintage tweed breaks//Backpack jacket is Hiros from Japan//

Photo credits: HT, EZ + JZ

Big Thanks to JZ + EZ for the adventure. Thanks also to SS for your company in screaming. Thanks also to Hiro for your brilliance.

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