The Things I Do

My impulse buys are plain silly and nearly always based on the appeal of packaging. Here is my latest:

A bar of shampoo! Yes. I know. BUT. Isn't it so well turned out? And nil nasties either!

I can see that I am not convincing you. In which case, I may well review it in the not too future future!

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Got Wings : Hiro Style

I love that I have a good fistful of male readers! I am also chuffed that plenty of you are feeling Hiro's style and so here I am about to blog about his new shoes!

Hiro's got some brand new shoes!

This detail mad one bought a pair of black low-cut Red Wing Oxfords in The Three Threads closing down sale (Shoreditch). He paid a sum that was better than half price. He is currently patting himself on his back for proving to himself that he is indeed a master of fortuitous bargains in sale season!

Hiro is very happy with his shoes because, he likes the colour, the quality stitching details, the firmness and thickness of the leather but most of all he is pleased with the price that he paid.

He is also very fond of that little overlapping tab on the heel. Not sure why, but is seems to make him nod his approval.

Oh and in case you are wondering, his socks are by Happy Socks.

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What a Peach!

I bought NARS' Barbarella to replace my MAC Jazzed as it melted in the summer heat.

Barbarella is my first NARS lipstick and a close colour match to Jazzed in the tube at least. In reality Jazzed is a far more pigmented coral/peach.

The first thing that I noticed about Barbarella is the lack of scent a big round of applause from me as I have never been fond of MAC's vanilla scent for their lipsticks.

Barbarella is a true peach sheer lipstick that really appeals to my love of this soft reticent colour. The formula is quite waxy without being and is moisturising and long lasting too. Although this is generally silky to apply, there are times when the application is more patchy. Beware if you have any dry bits on your lips for this will be highlighted X 10 with Barbarella.

Barbarella though a bit temperamental has become one of my daily favorites.

I bought this on in Liberty of London but you can also get in in SpaceNK and Selfridges. I usually go wherever the loyalty points are.

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Lemons on Friday

I felt rather chuffed with myself when a generous SpaceNK sales assistant gave me a good sized sample tube of the Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream to try out:

Jurlique is a brand that I hear many good things about and so I merrily added it to the contents of my handbag where it has been a a frequent companion ever since.

The citrus scent is not of a harsh quality and it lingers more towards a slightly candied lightly-does-it lemon fragrance that is refreshing and uplifting at the same time.

The Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream is a lighter and less greasier formula that those of L'Occitane so no greasy paw prints! This is very important to me as I am always working with paper or fabric or glass and unsightly marks drive me bananas!

This cream melts into the skin quickly and does a good job of smoothing my parched hands. The moisturising effect lasts about a couple of hours before my hands feel a bit dry again so rather frequent reapplications are a must.

I really do like this Jurlique number but, I am very glad that I got this free sample and I am still on the look out for my HG hand cream. Jurlique's hand creams are available in Jasmin, Rose and Lavender varieties and are about £33 for a big 125ml tube in SpaceNK which is quite a lot to spend on a hand cream without trying it out first. I would definitely advise others to pop into a store and slather your hands with it before buying online etc.

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Doodle Bunny

It would seem that I am never too busy to doodle.

I am still practising using my iPad as a sketchpad. I now have a stylus which does help a little bit.

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Hiro's obaachan (grandmother) is a queen of crafting in my eyes.

She made these balls by weaving fine threads into intricate patterns. These examples of her work are quite old now but they still look beautiful to me.
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| Everyday People | The Wise Folk

I am back to my old ways!

Long time readers will remember that I have a habit involving the surreptitious snapping of old folk. I am captivated by the stories they feed me without uttering a single world.

Taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app.

Taken with the iDarkroom iPhone app.

Taken with the iDarkroom iPhone app.

Taken with the iDarkroom iPhone app.
Lisbon has some great looking old folks.

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Knowing My Limits and Ignoring Them

I know that my drawing capabilities are very limited. It won't stop me from trying. Nay it won't stop me from wanting to improve either.

Armed with my iPad and a brain chock-full of inspiration from the artful master, David Hockney, I got doodling and did this:

It's okay! Go ahead and giggle! I know that Hockney need not watch his back with my lack of iPad (or any other medium) drawing skills.

Hockney did the above artwork using an iPad app and stylus as his sketchbook and brush. I very much doubt that knowing exactly what he used would provide me with any help. He has achieved an immediate masterpiece in a new medium without loosing the hallmarks of his style. Perhaps I should mention 74 years of age. I know, I know....I have a looooooooong way to go! Now if you will excuse me, I have to get doodling .
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A Bowl of Soup

I recently tried some yukgaejang which is a traditional Korean spicy shredded beef soup. I was pleasantly surprised with the subtleties of the flavours that played on my palate. I enjoyed this very much.
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RBR Fire Drops: Embrace of Cashmere

I was most fortunate to receive the Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment in Embrace of Cashmere to try recently. I was tremendously excited about this as I am a big fan of Rouge Bunny Rouge products but not entirely enamoured with loose powdery things or glitter (I prefer a more delicate shimmer).

I have equated loose pigments with mess in my mind. I have had awful accidents with MAC and Barry M products and have been avoiding such things ever since. RBR however has take an impressive and practical approach to their already beautiful packaging.

There is a clever little stopper at the mouth of the vial that's prevent spillage and helps to release the right amount of pigment onto the sponge applicator. The applicator works well for me and allows for neat mess-free usage of the product. However, I suspect that a few of my friends that are known for their more flamboyant use of eyeshadow might exclaim that not enough pigment is released onto the sponge applicator each time.

I would like to correct the RBR mind that hailed this a glitter item for it is more of a pearly shimmer than a chunky glitter product on me at least. I like the super fine weightless powder to silk formula and I really appreciate the fact that it does not dry out my lids like many shadows tend to at this time of year.

Embrace of Cashmere is a wonderful gleaming complex neutral golden champagne colour appropriate for use as a highlighter or solo as a shadow. I am so pleased with the shade and envisage myself using this plenty much over all seasons. I honestly think that this pigment is a cut above anything similar that I have tried before in terms of it's fine quality, texture and finish.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Embrace of Cashmere worn above with YSL Glossy Stain in #17.

If you are curious about other shades of Fire Drops: Modesty Brown has reviewed the Caress of Mink Loose Glitter HERE

(This was received as a PR sample and was reviewed impartially by me)
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Of Flame

Since having my iPhone, I have found myself capturing photos in themes. What I mean is that, I get this image in my head and then I take photos of a similar language over and over during my traipse-arounds. I thought I should make a little blog feature of it, and to add a side dish of extra helpfulness, I shall let you know which apps I used for each photo.

Wherever I might be, it seems that flames brandish most of my evening these days. They dance a flickering frenzy into my memory.

Taken with iDarkroom

Taken with the standard iPhone camera and edited in iDarkroom.

Taken with the standard iPhone camera and edited in iDarkroom.

Taken with Hipstamatic using the Roboto Glitter Lens and the Ina's 1935 film.

Taken with the standard iPhone camera.

Be it candle or fire light. Naked flames tickle my fancy. Their warm and inconstant light warms the cockles of my soul.

Q: i've only just got an iphone about two weeks ago but already i have been taking a lot of photos. so what is idarkroom then, why's it good compared to others?

A: iDarkroom is a great app with which you can take photos as well as upload photos onto it for editing. The app costs 69p and I think it's money well spent. There are a host of filters and light effects (including some bokeh ones). There is the ability to really mess with your images her with cropping, blurring, tilt shift and and a variety of adjustment facilities and frames. This is one of my certain faves
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Fragments of Him

I am not regularly permitted to blog about Hiro. However, after much negotiating, I have these little fragments of him to expose.

Jacket from Comme des Garcon

Leather Converse trainers//Socks from Tabio//Corduroy trousers from All Saints

Scent One Hinoki by Monocle//Wonderwood by Comme de Garcon//Shirt by Evisu// YuskinA is preferred moisturiser.

Reading materials.

Exacting, eccentric and engrossing. He has a unique style and I hope that he will allow me to share more in the future.

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A Satchel of Sorts

Fred Perry had a sale.

I bought myself a new patent leather satchel that can transform into a backpack with some clipping and un-clipping of hooks.

I am thrilled with it. It's sturdy enough to keep everything in order and glossy enough to make me smile each time I sight it.

Did you buy anything in the sales this year?
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The Three Smooches

Thanks to some wonderful friends, I have been able to try the Revlon Lip Butters for myself. These lip butters are shiny, creamy,moisturising lip treats that are reasonably priced and lovely to use.

Revlon has stuck their flag at the junction where lipstick, lip balm and gloss may collide and had themselves a little party with these little joys. I am looking forward to their arrival on our shores.

// Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is a bright medium toned pretty pink.

// Candy Apple

Candy Apple is a warm toned pigmented red with an orange lilt.

// Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a very pigmented deep red.

Thank you Jenn, Justine + Sunny for these beauties!

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I Went to the Art Shop

My favourite art supplies shop in London is Cass Art in Islington. Not only is is suitably close to me but it is big and full of magic stuff at generously discounted prices.

Come look through my peepers and obsess about the brilliance of colour:

There is an essence of uncooked enthusiasm that lingers in the air in art shops. I bounce about from shelf to corner to stand and wonder at everything that my little brain can take in.

After all that eagerness I walked away with a small hoard of implements.

I was given a choice of vibrant coloured bag to take all my bits home in. I chose cadmium red.

Of course, I would like to tell you what I have planned for these items but that would spoil the surprise that I have planned for my little Fushigi Shop.
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