So much sushi

You cannot go to Japan and not indulge in some real sushi. You just can't and more to the point..you mustn't.

This was my 1st trip back in autumn and it was a true treat for my palate. In Japan food is extraordinarily seasonal and the fish is no exception. If you love Japanese food, then a trip to Japan in Autumn will never disappoint.

We made a couple of trips to Sushi Taka in Shinyurigaoka and we behaved like gluttons.

\\ Shirasu gunkan - tiny fresh whitebait topped with ginger and negi. This was delicious with a nice kick from the ginger and an interesting texture.

\\ Kani zushi - fresh snow crab claw. Sweet, juicy and very soft in the mouth.

\\ Ikura gunkan - Hokkaido salmon roe. I cannot get enough of this and it is so perfect with crisp fresh nori.

\\ Chutoro - medium fatty tuna, so fresh that it melts in your mouth. I cannot eat tuna in UK as for some unknown reason supermarkets only seem to stock that bloody red dark tuna steak stuff that I just can't swallow.  Terribly stuck of me I know but, it just can't be helped.

\\ Hikarimono Sushi - Three seasonal silver fish namely, sanma (saury), aji (horse mackerel) and kohada (gizzard pike). Robust satisfying flavours. I may have had 2 portions.

\\ Mirugai - this is a type of saltwater clam. I am a bit timid when it comes to shellfish sushi but Hiro is a big fan of this.

\\ Negitoro gunkan - chopped tuna and spring onion such a good combination and the taste packs a punch.

Sushi Taka served delicious sushi and though it does have a conveyor belt for people to take dishes from. My father in law told me that it is far better to order from the chefs as this will guarantee freshness and it doesn't cost a penny more. So why not!

We settled our meal with a nice cup of matcha which was very civilised after all the sake gulped down. I was most impressed with the hot water taps at the end of each table too!


  1. Oh, stop!!! I don't think my eyes (or is it my stomach) can handle such abundance of delicatesse! I've never had shirasu sushi before.. we made some shirasu rice porridge for BabyLorp and that's about it. How does it taste?

  2. All of these sushi look waaaayyy different from what I've had! Haha! So interesting :))


  3. Oh man that looks so ridiculously delicious!! Thanks for sharing and hope you are doing well! :)

  4. Yum! I adore sushi! Great photos! Sandra

  5. omggggg.. sushis are looking delicious !! i really want to go to japan one day and taste some REAL SUSHI!

  6. They all look delicious, especially the shirasu and mirugai!

  7. is there anywhere in london that serves these sorts of variation? if i ever come down you can take me to this sort of place please

  8. oh I am so hungry now!! the sushi looks so good- is there a good place in London you would recommend? :)

  9. YUMI !

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