Sky Tree vs The Moon

Tokyo's Sky Tree opened to the public this year. Hiro has much love for high places and so climbing this 634 metre tree was a must-do for us. Thankfully they have a high-speed lift!

The lifts are emblazoned with jewel-like Edo-Kiriko panels. A nice tribute to the traditional Tokyo craft of cut glass. There are many more subtle nods to the craftsmanship of long ago in this strikingly bold observation tower. For instance, Sky Tree's exterior facade is inspired by the temple structure techniques from Nara and Heian periods of 'sori' (slightly concave) and 'mukuri' (slightly convex). 

The views are incredible. The one above is from the Tembo Deck, 350m up. Lights for as far as you can see. Like an endless galaxy at your feet.

Tickets are hard to get hold of and can be rather pricey so I would advice booking in advance and going at night because Tokyo is beautiful in the dark. We managed to visit Sky Tree thanks to Hiro's wonderful dad who got our tickets as a special treat. He too is fearless with heights.


  1. Wow...those are super amazing shots...love those!! So cool :)) Hope you have a wonderful weekend doll & thank you so much for the sweet words, I appreciate them :)) xx

  2. what a view. you guys sure do go to some exciting places. i've never really been so high up on a building before

  3. Beautiful. Like jewels in the night. You talk about Hiro and his dad being fearless of heights. How did you fare? Xxxx


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