Regular readers will know that I do bite my thumb at floral fragrances yet tip my hat and dip my skirt hem in a flouncy fidgety curtsey at anything that may make me smell like a distinguished and wonderfully eccentric gentleman. Such were the feelings roving in my mind when I found a bar of Mr Natty's Cold Pressed Handmade Shipwreck soap winking at me.

Made with a handsome blend of earthy woodsome vetyver and patchouli and a pinch of cocoa because no one is sweet enough. I can can fearlessly raise my arms and hands and vouch for the thorough yet gentle cleansing properties of this soap but I most enamoured  with the scent! I imagine a sexy pirate a-la-mon-wild-imagination might smell like this and I highly recommend both ladies and gents alike getting a good whiff of this if you spot it on a shelf somewhere.

Anyway, it's late and I have shipwrecked dreams awaiting me! :)


  1. I'm not a fan of floral scents, either, but rather tend to choose ones that make me smell like candy or pastry :) But you make this one sound very intriguing, I must find it just to get a whiff of its unusual scent!

  2. Mr Natty yes!!! Champion. I've been meaning to try this, will stick it on my gifts pinboard matey's


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