Last Minute....

I'd wager that most of you re far better organised than we are. Christmas is on our doorstep and we have yet to finish our food shop! I have avocados to find, an enormous order collect from our fishmongers, vegetables to cart home, wine to drink and buy......and here I am messing with makeup!

I had a dream that peach and grey would make a smashing combination and I don't think my dream was wrong...

\\ War paint:

Hada-Labo BB Cream, Lunasol Lighting Eyes #04 palette, Terry Ombre Blackstar in Black Pearl, Illamasqua Blush in Lover.

The Terry Ombre is a joy to use. I blob a bit at the ends of my lids and use a brush to smudge it into a little smoke signal. I then blend in a little neutral ashen sparkle from the Lunasol palette. A doddle to do, even in a rush!

My shirt was a real bargain. I bought the above 2 mens shirts for a mere £6.00 from my local second hand shop.

I did do a little Christmas shopping. I managed to find a dandy pack of glittersome skulls to unceremoniously hang about the place. They shall keep me company as the men in my life tend to fall asleep after dinner leaving me to drink and dance and act the utter fool on my own.

Must dash now...Hiro is glaring at me! 

If I don't manage to blog tomorrow.......

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May it be wonderfully, magically and delightfully peculiar xx


  1. and Merry Christmas to you too! and all the very best for the New Year xx

    1. You too! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas xx

  2. Merry Christmas to you and Hiro!

    Oh yes peach and grey do make a lovely combo on the eyes and I'm a fan of that combo myself! Love second hand shops, unfortunately we have none to very minimal here and the choices are always quite lacklustre, though if you can you do find a few gems here and there!

    1. I love peach and grey. Grey eyes and peach blush too!!

      We have so many second hand shops here my bro-in-law and I are huge fans. Today he found an old Gucci wallet for £20!

  3. Happy holidays to you;)
    Peach and grey make such stylish companions.xx

    1. Its always a joy to hear from you!!

      Happy holidays to you too!

  4. I love your hat,and I find it ever so amusing how you refer to make-up as 'war paint'.My aren't you lovely >;D

    Wishing you a wonderful christmas too!

  5. Beautiful You! <3

    Merry Christmas to You and Your husband!


    (P.S. I think we have the same rice cooker :))

  6. And a Merry Christmas to you too. Know the feeling about the guys. Why do they do this. It is amazing that they fall asleep so easily. Here is to all the ladies dancing around the living room as their men sleep. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Xxxx

  7. last min, why not. ohh nice bargains before xmas. like that the buttons are variable on the collar. Merry Christmas to you and Hiro!

  8. Merry Christmas! Enjoy that avocado.

  9. Peach and gray do make a wonderful combination and your makeup look is so pretty!!!

    I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas celebration--together with Hiro and friends and later with just the skulls.


  10. You had your priority set straight: makeup first, then off to the day's list, that's my motto. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas!



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