Goodness of Graphics

I cannot tell you how much a nice example of striking graphics on simple packaging makes me happy. I am odd like that but I know some of you have this curious penchant too so here are some of my current faves:

\\ Tick Tock Rooibos tea. I cannot live without this as it sends me into slumber in a lovely state of chilled-out-ness. 

\\ Sweet Paprika. Great in stews that want a little heat but it landed in my shopping basket because the tin is a beauty.

\\ Pickapeppa. Straight outta J.A! I really like the vintagey tropical feel to the label. The sauce is quite tangily tasty too!

\\ Kapuseru Gum. I have a thing about Daruma so this caught my eye and lo and behold! It somehow, miraculously, nothing to do with me, wound up back in London with me! 

Do you have any packaging favourites that you care to share? TELL ME!! 

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  1. Ahaaa I know this is really lame,but I get a little excited when I spot something on a blog that I too use-I love Rooibus tea! :D

  2. I love pretty packaging, too! I quite often taken photos of packaging I like or else buy the product, particularly when on holiday. My flatmate and I started sticking nice labels on large pieces of cardboard, similar to a collage, on our kitchen wall. I have several of these now and each fragment tells a little story.

    1. Moppe! So nice to hear from you. I think your cardboard collages sound amazing and I imagine that they are filled with memories and heart. So cool xx

  3. Beautiful strong graphics. I like your 1st choice best too. Xxxx

  4. well you know i'm a massive fan of tick tocks, i love red bush but to get their packaging just makes the day better does it! love it. will have to have a scan in the world foods isle for the Pickapeppa stuff next time i'm at a big tesco. we're geeks together, nar we're not we just realise the little things make the big things seems less...erm big

  5. I had the same organic roobois tea in London when I stayed with my friend. It tasted awesome!

  6. I love the Trader Joe's pumpkin spice tea packaging....the orange tin is just so pretty.


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