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Beautiful Blunders

My incompetence is at its most ridiculous when it is applied to my beauty routine. 

Here are my top three incurably habitual blunders for your amusement and mine:

Blitz that Zit!
I just cannot leave a whiteheaded spot alone. It begs to be burst.....Regretfully, I have an astonishing habit of doing this just after applying makeup and just before I step out.   And each time I do, no sooner than I do, I regret it baneful and curse my frailty at the bloody mess I make of my face. Oh how I annoy myself.

Ever Uneven
Why is it that ever other woman/girl/anyone out there can apply eyeliner/eyeshadow/eyelashes with such composed symmetry and I cannot? My eyes never look the same. I can never replicate what actions I manage on one on t'other. I am blaming this on my astigmatism. That much be the reason!

I am a panda
Eyecream is something I often forget to use. I leave post-it notes on the mirror, I input alarms on my phone. Nothing works. Nothing kick-starts my memory. I am certain that my eye luggage will reach my cheeks soon. 

I am an exasperating excuse for a beauty blogger but I amuse myself endlessly in my  pursuit for comeliness.