Slanted. Angled. Twisted. Distorted.

Though the boyish lines of my clothes are a blunt contrast to the soft feminine style of many a Tokyo lady, I told myself that my cement shade outfit befitting of the urbanscape of Tokyo. I also told myself that there is nothing wrong with attempting to resemble a building. I don't take myself very seriously.

\\ Wool trousers from All Saints London + Ankle boots from Office + Shirt from B Store London \\

Harsh contrasts appeal to my nature and red lipstick is a favourite way to stain colour continuity. This particular one is Tom Ford's Cherry Lush.

Tokyo is a city of great heights and one can spend much time just looking upwards at the masses of concrete pinnacles. A great way to distort your balance.

Speaking of distortion....

....The newly opened Tokyu Plaza in Omotesando/Harajuku, designed by Hiroshi Nakamura is an impressive feature to look at. The faceted mirrored entrance draws you in and then morphs you into a glossy kaleidoscope. I enjoyed this bit of playful architecture so much that I would have happily spent the rest of my afternoon going up and down the escalators. Due to this fact, I haven't a clue as to what shops are actually in the plaza. :)


  1. I like your androgynous style...stay cool like that!

  2. equisite androgyny and it probably will stand out in kawaii or kirei femininity of Tokyo. That Tokyu Plaza building is such architectonial pleasure!

  3. Ahh I love Omotesando area so much! And that building has a pretty strong presence, doesn't it? But they don't have nice shops in there really, it took me only 10 minutes to look around haha

  4. You look absolutely lovely! You can really rock the most eccentric of looks, and this is one you're also doing well at it seems! Such a stark contrast with all the "girliness" of most girls in Japan are portrayed. <3

  5. whoa would you look at that building (well i know you did several times but that was my reaction), i can imagine the light hitting it in a really nice way. who cares what's inside ay. i like your style, and your fellas

  6. Exquisite lips and stunning architecture! Beautiful post! Now I must try the Tom Ford.. I think Cherry Lush may pull a bit blue on me, but it looks perfect on you.


  7. Tokoyo is on my bucket list and I want to spend at least a month there...I can't imagine how many cool things I will see!! I love the building!! I would want to have lunch in front of it every day just so I could see people's reactions to it!! =)


  8. I love the concept of dressing 'to resemble a building'. And indeed that strong red lipstick does create a great contrast.
    Tokyo is somewhere I really, really want to visit.

  9. You look wicked lady and may I say Im loving cherry lush on your pucker.


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