In which it all gets a bit flashy...

I know that flashing GIFs really bother the good nature out of some folks. Whilst I am not a fan of GIF ads, I find myself uncontrollably and irrepressibly drawn to the work of rrrrrrrroll where everything goes "kuru-kuru"(round and round) in her beautiful warm photographs. 

Step into the world of RRRRRRROLL_gif


  1. I follow this girl on tumblr! Her gifs never fail to amaze me. Something about her blank expression also draws me in.

  2. So cool!!! I really like the one where she's sitting at the desk.


  3. Wow, I've seen so few gifs like these :)

  4. well these aren't nearly as annoying as flashy ones, i'm not into those. she looks slightly possessed in the second image. i like the apple one

  5. Ahahahaha I love these! They're fun to look at and dont bother me at all!

  6. I find them interesting but a little annoying too. I don't know why. Maybe it is because they are not one thing or another. Saying that I don't like flashing Christmas light either. Am cool when they are still. Xxxx

    1. Ahahahahaha I am glad that you are honest. Hiro wasn't impressed with them either.


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